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All licensed operators welcome on the 146.61- repeater.
103.5PL   Newton, KS

SKYWARN Repeater

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For more information on ARES, please visit the ARES web site. Also, visit the Wichita, KS SKYWARN site to learn more on becoming active in severe weather.

Community Collaborative Rain, Hail Snow Reporting Volunteers

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Upcoming Club and Communications Activities
June 15
Newton ARC Meeting - TBD
June 24-25
Newton ARC ARRL Field Day
Harvey Co West Community Bldg
July 20
Newton ARC Meeting - TBD

ARRL Field Day Locator
N0NK Harvey County West Park Community Bldg


The public and all amateur radio operators are welcome to join the meeting. If you enjoy it one month, you are welcome to join us each month! The bugs are being worked out and it appears the big one has been fixed.

Please contact the Club President Kent Price, KE0NJP

The Weekly Sunday Night Net
The Net is at 7:00pm [0100UTC]
Use the 146.610(-) 103.5pl repeater for this net

The Newton repeater is no longer linked full time to K-Link
It can be linked during severe weather outbreaks

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Newton 146.61 Repeater  Upgrade September 2016

Repeater Distance Approximation
Repeater location coverage map
This is representation, not actual coverage.
An actual coverage map, courtesy of NV8Q

March 13th 1990 - The "Hesston" Tornado
30th Anniversary of The Hesston Tornado

Please support your local Clubs, services, and general interest on-air nets. It is only through the participation of all hams that our hobby can be the best it can be. It is up to us!
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State/National emergency frequencies can be found on the Kansas A.R.E.S. page.

Emergency Communications - Are We Really Ready?
It's More Than Ham Radio Volunteers
Also check out the WA7BNM Contest Calendar
The April 14, 2012 Tornado outbreak put the K-Link System to the stress test. Thanks to John, KR0L, Harvey, W0HGJ, for taking reports, Justin, NV8Q for splitting the link system into 2 separate networks as both sides of I-70 were tested. Many SKYWARN® ham radio operators, SKYWARN® home spotters, wall-to-wall TV coverage, independent spotters, TV and radio storm spotters saved many lives with a total of 24 supercell tornadoes reported in OK, KS, NE, & IA.

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