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As adopted by the membership of NARC, Inc., 10 February 1990.

As amended by the membership of NARC, Inc., 12 December 1992.

Adopted as written by the board of NARC, Inc., August 2011

The name of this Club shall be the NEWTON AMATEUR RADIO CLUB, INC.

ARTICLE II - PURPOSE The NEWTON AMATEUR RADIO CLUB, INC. is established for the purpose of promoting Amateur Radio activities in the community.


SECTION 1 - Full membership in the NEWTON AMATEUR RADIO CLUB, INC. shall be granted to those persons who possess a valid Amateur Radio license and have paid the dues prescribed herein. All other licensed Amateurs residing in the same household with said Amateur shall also be full members without payment of additional dues. Full membership shall also be granted to licensed amateurs who are full time students and have paid one-half the prescribed full membership dues.

SECTION 2 - Associate membership shall be granted to those who are actively working toward an Amateur Radio License or who have an interest in Amateur Radio and have paid one-half the prescribed full membership dues. Associate members will have full membership privileges with the exception of voting. An associate member will be granted full membership privileges upon receiving his/her Amateur license.

SECTION 3 - Members who are more than 90 days behind in dues are automatically dropped from membership.

SECTION 1 - Officers of this club shall consist of a President, a Vice©President, a Secretary/Treasurer, and a Trustee.

SECTION 2 - At each regular meeting in December, the members shall elect a President, Vice©President, and a Secretary/Treasurer to serve for a one-year term. There shall be no limit to concurrent terms held.

SECTION 3 - Election will be by a plurality of the members voting either in person or by proxy.

SECTION 4 - The Trustee shall be appointed by the Club members at any regular meeting to serve until either removed from office by the members, or until the Trustee resigns from office. This appointment shall normally be for an extended period of time.

SECTION 5 - Vacancies occurring between elections will be filled by the Trustee, with approval of the members, for the balance of the unexpired term.


SECTION 1 - President: The President shall preside over all Club meetings, plan and organize Club activities for the year, arrange for a suitable meeting location, and act as Club spokesman for external Club affairs.

SECTION 2 - Secretary/Treasurer: The Secretary/Treasurer shall provide a notice to all members of all meetings and activities, take accurate minutes of all Club meetings and activities or designate another person to do so, keep files of meeting minutes of the past two years for reference or inspection as required, accept all monies from dues and other income and deposit same in a Club bank account, keep accurate records of Club finances, and disperse Club monies as required to pay valid Club debts and other needs.

SECTION 3 - Trustee: 1) The Trustee shall be the licensee of the Club radio license W0BZN/N0NK and shall be responsible for renewing said license, assuring all proper use of the license during Club activities, and shall correspond with the Federal Communications Commission as required for the Club. It shall be very desirable that the Trustee hold a valid Extra Class Amateur license. 2) The Trustee shall be responsible for all proper operation of the Club repeater(s), shall assure timely maintenance or alterations of the repeater(s) as required, shall provide for annual membership in the Kansas Repeater Council, and provide all coordinating data as required for the repeater(s). 3) The Trustee shall act as the Club historian and will collect and keep all past records (over two years old), artifacts, and other memorabilia, and store same in a reasonably safe location. 4) The Trustee shall be named as the Club Resident Agent for the Corporation and shall annually renew all Club Incorporation papers with the State of Kansas. 4) The Trustee shall act as the Club historian and will collect and keep all past records (over two years old), artifacts, and other memorabilia, and store same in a reasonably safe location.

Section 4 - Vice President The Vice President shall preside over Club meetings in the absence of the President, shall assist in planning and organizing club activities for the year, shall maintain a current Club membership list, and shall maintain an up-to-date inventory of club property.


SECTION 1 - The Club year shall be the calendar year.

SECTION 2 - Officers elected at the December meeting shall assume office on 1 January and shall serve until 31 December.

SECTION 3 - Each new member of this club shall be furnished a current copy of the bylaws.

These Bylaws may be amended at any regular meeting by a majority of those voting in person or by proxy, providing notice of the proposed change has been given to all members in the previous monthly meeting notice.


SECTION 1 - Dues for membership in this club shall be decided by the membership at the annual December meeting.

ARTICLE IX - RULES Roberts Rules of Order shall govern all proceedings.