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March 13, 1990 - Hesston Tornado tracks
100 miles from Castleton to Dwight, KS

Hesston Tornado Videdo stills by Dean Allison
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Hesston Tornado Home
Foreword: Year of the Storms
Ham Radio Response
Hesston Tornado 1990
Mennonite Disaster Service
Weather of 1990
Wikipedia of 1990 Storm
Nine Years Later - Kansan
May 4, 2007 - Greensburg, KS

Best YouTube video unaltered of Dean Allison video footage

ARRL Web: Kansas Secton News

Path of Hesston Tornado

March Outbreak
Triple vortices

Destructions path in western side of Hesston.
Picture of tornado approaching Goessel from State Street
Getting ready to go to F5
K-15 S of Goessel at F5

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